'Last Man Standing' Alum Molly Ephraim Reveals Account of Sexual Harassment

Last Man Standing alum Molly Ephraim has revealed a shocking account of sexual harassment in the [...]

Last Man Standing alum Molly Ephraim has revealed a shocking account of sexual harassment in the wake of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

Ephraim, who played Mandy Baxter during the show's ABC run, brought up an untold revelation of her days as a student at Princeton University. The 32-year-old actress said that her male friends at the time would regularly joke about raping her.

The jokes apparently even went past being a verbal "inside joke" and extended into shared drawings of Ephraim being sexually assaulted.

"Until Kavanaugh, I'd almost forgotten that a bunch of my older male friends in college had a super funny inside joke for a couple months when I was a freshman: they were going to rape me," Ephraim said. "They made a doodle of it! A little stick figure me. Getting raped."

Along with her account, Ephraim shared an article from Slate entitled,"Brett Kavanaugh and the Cruelty of Male Bonding: When being one of the guys comes at a woman's expense," which was written by Lili Loofbourow.

In addition to this reveal, Ephraim was very vocal in her criticism of Kavanaugh during the hearings about the sexual assault allegations levied against him. She was upset about the proceedings, which many saw as not harsh enough on the Supreme Court nominee.

"I remember a radio story about a Beatles song being sent into space so intelligent life in distant galaxies might hear it [and] understand us," Ephraim wrote. "Do you think if we just broadcast this press conference real loud some kind [and] sympathetic goo-creature would put us out of our misery?"

She later added, "Good lord. Can all women get a free frappuccino today? Or an ice-cream sundae? A Fribble? Can we all just get a f—in' Fribble today?"

Ephraim has not elaborated any further on her initial harassment claim, but has welcomed the many kind thoughts sent her way from her friends and fans.

Photo Credit: ABC