Kim Kardashian Shares Candid Makeup Free Photo of Her Psoriasis, and Social Media Applauds

Kim Kardashian recently took to Instagram to share a candid makeup-free photo showing her ongoing struggle with psoriasis, prompting social media users to applaud her courage. Kardashian showed off how the skin condition affects her in a post on the Poosh Instagram page. A caption on the post quoted her as saying, "If you have psoriasis, you can't let it ruin your life or get the best of you." The post then added,[Kim Kardashian] is getting personal, sharing her psoriasis journey and how she handles life with the autoimmune disease. Read more about what works and how she deals daily with the diagnosis at the link in bio."

Fans of the beauty mogul have since been praising her for being so brave and honest about her issues with psoriasis, with her sister Kourtney saying, "Thank youuuuu [Kim Kardashian] for sharing your journey with psoriasis so candidly! Hopefully it can help others who have it too."

"The Kardashian's are the realest celebrities out there. Always making us feel beautiful no matter what body shape, weight, height, colour or issues we have. If Kim can show us her most delicate and sensitive areas than we should embrace our own," one fan then said. "Love you girls so much!"

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"I actually love that Kim and Kylie aren't trying to always hide their psoriasis, my mum has it all over and I think it's comforting to know that even the most beautiful women get it," another fan wrote.

"You are so gorgeous. I love that you shared this photo to show others it's ok not to be "perfect". I'm sure this honest picture helped a lot of people feel relieved today, I know it made me feel better," someone else offered.

"I have psoriasis and I know what she is through. I have them so bad on my hands right now that nothing can cover them and people look at me like i have some thing contagious. But you know what, I am happy and I don't have time to explain it anymore. I just say yeah full stop and continue living my life. No apologies," one other fan added.

"I have auto-immune issues and Kim being public about her own experience is paramount to ending shame around these diseases. Thank you!" one final fan said in a gushing comment.


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