Keanu Reeves Imposter Poses With Donald Trump Supporter Wearing Confederate Flag, Causing Confusion Online

A Keanu Reeves imposter had some motorcycle enthusiasts fooled this week, and their interaction has gone viral on social media. A man seemingly posing as Reeves attended a car, truck and motorcycle show in Maryland, and at least one person apparently believed he was really the actor. He posed beside the Confederate flag-clad man for several pictures, including some with pro-Trump iconography.

"Maryland Bike Show this past weekend with Keanu," wrote a Facebook user this week. "Apparently he restores antique bikes and is a Trump supporter!"

The post came complete with photos of the Reeves imposter scowling next to the original poster, who wore a sweatshirt with the Confederate flag patterned all over it. Meanwhile, the Reeves imposter wore jeans and a black jacket, holding black sunglasses by his side.

From a distance, the man makes for a somewhat convincing Reeves. His long black hair was parted in the middle, and was clearly made to look like Reeves. He also mimicked the actor's intense expression, but up close it was clear to see it was not him.

The post might have fizzled out in obscurity if screenshots of it were not spread on other platforms. Before long, it made its way to Twitter, with users cracking jokes about the Reeves impersonator and the man who believed he was real.

"That's not him, you've captured his stunt double!" one person tweeted.

"Is Keanu on Prednisone?" wondered another.

"That guy is making Fake Keanu uncomfortable," wrote another with a crying-laughing emoji.

While the man at the Maryland Bike Show may not have been Reeves, the real actor does have a well-documented love of motorcycles. According to a report by Business Insider, his passion for bikes goes back to his early-20s, and he used much of his fortune from filmmaking to amass a huge collection of rare motorcycles. Reeves co-founded the Arch Motorcycle Company in 2014, made to build and sell custom bikes.

As for politics, Reeves has generally kept his feelings private. Last year, Snopes debunked a growing rumor that Reeves was a supporter of President Trump, which originated with some false quotes circulating on unverified blog sites.


Reeves has a number of big projects on the way, including some in his most beloved franchises of all time. Later this year, fans will see him return to one of his oldest roles in Bill & Ted Face the Music. In 2021, he also has The Matrix 4 and John Wick: Chapter 4 on the way. Several other projects are slated for release in between.