Nun in Katy Perry Legal Battle Says She's Broke

Sister Rita Callanan of Convent of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary revealed that her ongoing lawsuit with Katy Perry has left her so broke that she doesn't know where her next meal will come from, or how she'll get treatment for her breast cancer.

The 80-year-old nun spoke to reporters from DailyMail, revealing how the lawsuit with Perry has dried up all of her personal wealth. The pop star wants to buy Callanan's convent, a $14 million property in the Los Feliz neighborhood of L.A., where Perry reportedly hopes to "sip green tea and find herself."

Perry struck a deal with the Royal Catholic Archbishop, who agreed to hand the property over, but Callanan and one of her fellow nuns, Sister Catherine Rose HOlzman, contested the sale, saying it wasn't the Archbishop's to give away.

Last week, Holzman, 89, collapsed in a Los Angeles court room and passed away while defending her home. Callanan now says she might be in similar danger. The balance on her bank account is $0, and she told the outlet she's not even sure how she'll feed herself.

To make matters worse, Callanan is suffering from breast cancer, and she can no longer pay for her treatment. She also needs medication for her diabetes. She is now asking for donations to a GoFundMe campaign organized by Holzman in the hopes of standing her ground until the legal battle is over.


"On March 9th, 2018 we tragically lost Sister Catherine Rose, my beloved fellow IHM Sister and original organizer of this GoFundMe campaign," she said. "She was my cherished partner in this ongoing legal battle to keep our convent. It is now more important than ever to continue this fight and for our cause to prevail."

"All we are asking is to sell our own property, keep our own money so we can take care of ourselves until the last person dies, then the money and property can go to the archbishop. There's not many more years, give me a break. He's supposed to be a chief shepherd."