Man Threatens to Bomb Katy Perry's Home, but Has the Wrong Address

An unidentified man called the Los Angeles Police Department, threatening the life of Katy Perry. The Blast reports that the man told police he had a bomb, and he was going to take it to Perry's house and detonate it, killing himself along with her. He then gave an address. Police rushed to the scene, only to find it didn't belong to Perry.

After talking to the current owner, LAPD officers learned that the house had previously belonged to actor and comedian Russell Brand. Brand had a long-term relationship with pop star Perry, but the two split up years ago. Which is beside the point, since Brand no longer owns the house that this anonymous caller was intent on destroying.

Police evacuated the house temporarily. They brought in a K-9 unit and found no trace of explosives anywhere on the property. The residents assured the authorities that they hadn't seen any suspicious activity.

Police have made the transcript of the call public. Before hanging up, the suspect said "F*** Katy Perry! I hate Katy Perry and she's going to die!"


The LAPD is attempting to use phone records to identify the caller and find him. The call took place on June 10th, though the investigation is ongoing.