Kate Upton's Baby Bump Makes Public Debut at MLB All-Star Game

Kate Upton debuted the tiniest hint of a baby bump on the red carpet at the MLB All-Star Game [...]

Kate Upton debuted the tiniest hint of a baby bump on the red carpet at the MLB All-Star Game Tuesday night in Washington, D.C. alongside husband Justin Verlander. The supermodel posed next to her Houston Astros pitcher husband in a blush pink pant suit featuring a loose-fitting jacket around her midsection.

"[MLB] [All-Star Game] with [Justin Verlander]!" Upton captioned the photo.

Fans commented on Upton's look on social media.

"Power suits for the power couple. Love it!" one person wrote on Twitter.

"I see that baby bump!!!" someone wrote on Instagram.

The red carpet photo was Upton's first full-body shot since announcing her pregnancy via social media on Saturday. In a photo shared from Miami, the 26-year-old model stands on a balcony in Miami, Florida, wearing a different suit that also shows off the slightest of baby bumps.

While the photo itself didn't do much to prove a pregnancy, Upton confirmed it loud and clear in her caption that she and Verlander, 35, are expecting.

"Pregnant in Miami," she wrote, adding Verlander's Instagram handle, a sun emoji and a heart emoji.

Upton and Verlander married in November 2017, just days after the Astros won the World Series. They became engaged in 2016 after having dated since early 2014.

"It was a crazy whirlwind," Verlander told CBS News of winning the World Series and getting married back to back. "Definitely a hangover was involved. It was an interesting experience. We partied that night all night and then first thing in the morning had to hop on a plane and go straight to our wedding when all of our guests had already been there for a day and a half. It was two amazing once-in-a-lifetime experiences kind of tied into one in the same couple of days. That just doesn't happen."

Verlander also opened up about how the career-driven couple makes their relationship work in between their hectic schedules, which oftentimes carry them out of town and away from each other.

"We try to be together as much as possible," he said. "We both have extremely busy schedules but we've come up with a way that we can see each other and maximize our down time. During baseball season whenever she has downtime she'll come to whatever city I'm in, and during the off season I'm wherever she's at, so I'm in L.A. or New York a lot in the off season and she's in Houston or on the road during the season. We try not to go ever more than two weeks without seeing each other."