Jonathan Rhys Meyers, 'Elvis' and 'Vikings' Star, Arrested for DUI

Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers found himself in some hot water recently. According to TMZ, the Vikings star was arrested for a misdemeanor DUI on Sunday in Malibu. His arrest came after cops were called to the scene of a solo, minor car accident. When the police arrived on the scene, they reported that Meyers showed signs of being intoxicated. They then gave him a sobriety test, which he reportedly did not pass. As of right now, it's currently unclear what led to the solo crash.

Law enforcement told TMZ that this incident occurred in Malibu at around 5 p.m. local time on Sunday. After giving him a sobriety test, which he reportedly didn't pass, Meyers was arrested for a misdemeanor DUI. The publication reported that the The Tudors and Elvis star currently remains behind bars. Meyers has a history of substance abuse, as he has been to rehab several times. This latest incident comes over two years after the actor was involved in an alleged verbal altercation with his wife, Mara Lane, on an American Airlines flight. In July 2018, Meyers was detained by police following this incident and his alleged actions onboard the flight.

At the time, sources told TMZ that Meyers, Lane, and their son, Wolf, were on a flight from Miami to Los Angeles. During the flight, Meyers allegedly became verbally abusive to Lane after the pair had an argument. The actor's alleged tirade was laced with profanities and supposedly upset the other passengers on the flight. Meyers, who was allegedly drinking at the time of the incident, then got out of his seat and walked to the restroom while smoking an e-cigarette. Since using an e-cigarette on a flight is a federal violation, he was asked to stop by a flight attendant and he complied.

When the plane touched down in Los Angeles, Meyers was detained by a number of LAX airport cops on the tarmac. According to law enforcement sources, the actor denied that he was vaping on the flight. LAX police also contacted the FBI regarding the actor's alleged vaping. However, the agency chose not to respond to the matter and Meyers was subsequently released. As previously mentioned, in addition to these two incidents, Meyers has reportedly sought out help in rehab for substance abuse. In an interview with The Guardian, published in August 2018, he even addressed his struggles when it comes to alcohol. During the interview, he said that drinking was his most "unappealing habit." He added, "I am sober 95% of the time and fall down 5% of the time."