Jerry Seinfeld's Wife Jessica Says Comic 'Yells All Day Long' Since He Can't Perform During Coronavirus Pandemic

What's the deal with self-quarantine? It's making comedian Jerry Seinfeld go stir-crazy and keeps [...]

What's the deal with self-quarantine? It's making comedian Jerry Seinfeld go stir-crazy and keeps him "yelling all day long," according to his wife, Jessica Seinfeld. The Seinfelds are among the millions of Americans staying home during the coronavirus pandemic to help slow the spread of the virus, which causes the respiratory illness COVID-19.

"I've learned when he cannot perform live on stage, he loses his sense of speak," Jessica, 48, tweeted on Saturday. "Instead of talking in a normal voice, he now YELLS YELLS YELLS ALL DAY LONG." She included a photo of Seinfeld, 65, grinning in the kitchen with a sweatshirt reading "Garage."

Seinfeld was likely disappointed he was at his home instead of in Las Vegas, where he was supposed to be this weekend. He was scheduled to perform at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace on Friday and Saturday. The show was canceled back on March 18 and will be rescheduled when possible.

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"I'm sorry that I won't be able to play at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, my Las Vegas home, in April, but this is the right move in order to keep everyone as safe as we can," Seinfeld tweeted on March 18. "Rescheduled dates will be announced, and apologies for any inconvenience."

Seinfeld and Jessica have been busy helping those in need during the coronavirus outbreak. The couple joined Los Angeles City Councilmember Herb J. Wesson, Jr. hand out diapers and baby wipes on March 26. "Thank you [Wesson] for having us," Jessica tweeted on March 27. Seinfeld later retweeted the message.

Jessica's Good+ Foundation has been helping out low-income families during the crisis. Last month, they donated $1.2 million worth of goods, including diapers, thermometers, wipes, books and toys.

"Good+ donated $1.2M worth of goods last month to address the immediate needs of families affected by COVID-19," the foundation noted in a recent Instagram statement. "You can help by texting 'GoodPlus' to 44321. A donation to the Crisis Fund will allow us to adapt to the changing needs of our partners across the country and the families they serve. Good+ has been doing this kind of work for almost 20 years and we will continue to respond to this crisis and its impact on already struggling families."

Seinfeld co-creator Larry David is also self-quarantining in Los Angeles. David is stuck inside with his daughter Cazzie, girlfriend Ashely Underwood and a cat, he told The New York Times, and recently filmed a PSA for California Gov. Gavin Newsom. He is a germophobe, but compared hoarding toilet paper to "being a horse thief in the Old West."

"I never could have lived in the Old West," David told the Times. "I would have been completely paranoid about someone stealing my horse. No locks. You tie them to a post! How could you go into a saloon and enjoy yourself knowing your horse could get taken any moment? I would be so distracted. Constantly checking to see if he was still there."

On Friday, Newsom said the number of coronavrius cases reached 12,000 in California and 275 people have died. About 2,200 patients are hospitalized and 901 are in intensive care units, reports The Los Angeles Times.

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