Jennifer Aniston Gets Emotional During 'Ellen's Greatest Night of Giveaways'

Jennifer Aniston was one of several celebrities who teamed up with Ellen DeGeneres for the talk show host's Greatest Night of Giveaways on NBC, and the two friends came together to gift one family with an incredible surprise. A viewer named Elyse had made a video about her dad, Jeff Kimball, sharing that his wife and the mom of his two daughters had passed away when the girls were young.

"He has given all he has got for our family of three. He doesn't deserve this," she said in the video. "He's all I got. He is my life. He is what gets me through the good and the bad. For once, I want to give something to him. I want him to get something he deserves, and I can't do this without help."

In a clip shared by USA Today, Elyse, her dad and sister were speaking with DeGeneres and Aniston on set of the show, and Kimball shared how much DeGeneres and her Finding Nemo character had meant to his late wife.

"She was going in for a 13-hour surgery. The last thing I did was blow her a kiss and say, 'Just keep swimming,'" he said.

"Oh, my God!" a visibly emotional Aniston responded. "What would your mom say right now if she knew you guys were here?"

"She would be so happy," Kimball said. "Ellen, she was your biggest fan. So, she would be like, 'Move over, 'cause I am getting closer.'"

DeGeneres told him, "I know this time of year is important to you, because she really loved Christmas, and we wanted to make Christmas just a little extra special."

The host explained that while the family was in Los Angeles taping the show, her team had been at their home, decorating the house for Christmas. In addition to the lights on the outside, the inside of the home was filled with gifts, many of which were sitting under a lit-up tree that prompted the family to exclaim their surprise.

In addition, Aniston gave the family an Eiffel Tower ornament because their mom had always wanted to go to Paris. DeGeneres revealed that the Kimballs would be taking a trip to France, at which point Aniston added Italy, DeGeneres added London, Aniston threw in a trip to Greece and DeGeneres revealed that they would be going to Europe for a month.

Other stars joining DeGeneres for her night of giveaways included Chrissy Teigen, Justin Timberlake, Jason Momoa, Michelle Obama, Steph and Ayesha Curry and Melissa McCarthy. The special debuted on NBC on Tuesday and will air additional episodes on Wednesday and Thursday.


Photo Credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show