Jenna Dewan Posts Odd Workout Wear Photo While Mourning California Wildfire Losses

Jenna Dewan posted about the wildfires raging in California this weekend, though the image she [...]

Jenna Dewan posted about the wildfires raging in California this weekend, though the image she included did not sit well with some fans.

Dewan posted a tweet about the Camp, Woolsey and Hill Fires that torched hundreds of thousands of acres over the weekend. The natural disaster had a particular impact on the entertainment industry, as it encroached on Malibu and other popular locations for entertainers to live.

The fires forced Dewan to reschedule an upcoming event she had planned, promoting a line of Danskin products. This included a photo of Dewan in a leotard, giving a smoldering look to the cameraman. Her post hit social media at an odd time, as it clashed with some of the other mournful, desperate messages online.

"Our hearts and minds are truly with everyone impacted by the #CaliforniaFires," Dewan wrote, "so we are rescheduling my #JennaDewanxDanskin Thursday event at @SIX02. Stay tuned and we'll have an update soon. #Danskin."

Many fans thought that the post — or at the very least, the inclusion of the photo — was insensitive considering the circumstances. Starting last Thursday, social media has been filled with dramatic shots of burning buildings and heroic firefighters. While Dewan's announcement was necessary, it felt just a little too promotional for some people.

"California fire is big tragedy, why did u use it to [advertise] lingerie??" one fan wrote on Instagram. "Where is ur heart and brains, girl?!!"

"A post about fires all about herself," wrote another.

"Way to make a plug for yourself in the midst of people losing their homes, their lives," noted another.

Of course, there were those that defended Dewan as well. The actress has a massive fan base on social media, and some dedicated followers that were quick to jump to her aid.

The wildfires may go on for quite some time in California. The Hill Fire is now 94 percent contained, according to CBS News, and the Woolsey fire could be out as soon as Sunday. However, experts worry that it may take weeks to put out the Camp Fire, and strong winds could spread the flames even more. Rain is not expected in the area until Thanksgiving.

The state-wide death toll of this week's fires is now at 50, with dozens more people still missing. Many of those unaccounted for are elderly, giving rescuers little hope that they will have found their way out alone.

Dewan gave a more serious comment about the fires at the Baby2Baby Gala on Monday night.

"We are having a natural disaster in California, and they are already helping people immediately," Dewan told Extra. "Kids, parents, and friends of mine that are in school with my daughter are all impacted right now, and we are doing everything we can."

Dewan was out supporting Baby2Baby, an organization that has helped provide aid to families affected by the wildfires.