January Jones 'Forced to Bludgeon' Rattlesnake After Dog is Bitten

Mad Men star January Jones usually leaves fans smiling with her Instagram posts, but she had some [...]

Mad Men star January Jones usually leaves fans smiling with her Instagram posts, but she had some shocking news to share this week. Her beloved black Bernedoodle dog Vinny was bitten by a rattlesnake on Wednesday. Thankfully, Vinny was home by Friday, but the snake invasion of her home was not over. She later apologized for being "forced to bludgeon" another snake that tried to get inside.

First, Jones shared a photo of the rattlesnake that bit Vinny. She caught the reptile in a blue net, but later let it go. "I caught and released it but praying for my pup who's in the hospital now," she wrote in a now-expired Instagram Story, reports PEOPLE. She then shared a photo of Vinny, with three red heart emojis.

On Friday, Jones posted a photo of Vinny back home and on her couch. "Vinny's back home. Tired out but doing well," she wrote. However, earlier, she had to get rid of another snake that tried to invade her home. "Right before I was forced to bludgeon yet ANOTHER rattlesnake today," she wrote as a caption for a video. "I almost cried. I'm sorry snake family, this house is taken."

The video showed Jones, 43, holding a croquet mallet in her backyard. Several other people are heard talking about what they could do with the snake. Then, Jones pokes at a snake with the mallet. On Saturday, Jones joked about the situation, posting the famous image of her Mad Men character Betty Draper with a shotgun, adding, "Lemme know if anyone needs a snake wrangler." She also posted a photo of Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, writing, "My current vibe."

Jones first brought Vinny home in 2017, alongside a Goldendoodle named Joey. Her dogs have continued appearing on Jones' popular Instagram page, which has over 1 million followers. Vinny and Joey both starred in a July 2020 photo, hanging out on the couch with Jones. "Try to be as productive as me this wknd," she wrote at the time. "It's important to have a goal."

Joey could also be spotted in a hilarious dancing video Jones posted on March 14 to mark one year since the start of pandemic quarantine. "It's brought out the best and worst of me in many ways. Time to get my vac and NOT go dancing in public, don't worry," she wrote.

During the pandemic, Jones' Instagram page has been a source of joy for many, as the Hollywood star shares an unprecedented and fun look at her life. In December, a tabloid claimed Jones' friends thought her bikini photos were "desperate," and emailed Jones for comment. Jones shared the email on Instagram, jokingly writing that they "discovered my secret." She later posted another bikini photo, adding "had to do it" and a middle-finger emoji.