Hasan Piker Injured in Golf Cart Accident

His TwitchCon appearance turned disastrous.

Hasan Piker recently suffered an injury from an unexpected accident. The YouTuber and Twitch streamer, real name Hasan Abi, is in Paris, France, this week, appearing at TwitchCon EU. Unfortunately, it wasn't all fun and games, as he and fellow content creator AustinShow got in a golf cart accident earlier today. As the two explained in a video uploaded to Abi's Twitch channel, they and YouTuber Ranboo were enjoying the ride when "the cart took the corner at like 80 miles an hour, flipped, and I landed on Hasan's ribs," Austin said. "But I mean, it wasn't my fault," he added. "It couldn't have been my fault. It was completely by accident." Austin explained that he actually "busted" his finger trying to brace himself, holding up two bandaged digits for emphasis. "Pushing away from the cart directly into me," Abi interjected. "Look. I, I barely got out alive." "I just want to take a moment to thank Hasan. Because if I was in the spot that he was, I would not be here," Austin said.

After arguing over whether Austin actually broke his finger, Abi went into greater detail about the crash. "I'm here. It's all good. I mean, you can't even see this, but I got road rash. On my arm from like the cart drifting on my arm. I guess it's not that bad. It's a little numb. But the worst part is when I was holding on like this, and Austin landed on my entire body with the force of the cart." "I was in shock," he continued. "I might have fractured or maybe broken a rib or two, is what the doctor is saying. It's fine. There's not really much you can do about it. The difference between like a rib injury or like actually a full-blown rib-breaking situation is just a couple extra weeks of pain and healing." "But other than that, there's not really much you can do. You can't put a rib cast on."

Austin then added, "You had to tell me to get off of you. I remember I forgot, I was like laying there in shock, and you're like, go, get off of me. "Yeah, it was, it was fine," Abi said. "I mean, we, like, the cart flew and, and, the flip and Ranboo was sitting in front of me, and he was like, 'My foot's stuck.' So we immediately got out, and everyone was in shock, so we just like got out and immediately picked up the golf cart so that we could save Ranboo's foot. That was what I was really afraid of. But I think he's fine too, by the way." Despite the scary situation, Abi didn't let his injured ribs prevent him from his obligations at Twitch Con. Presumably, hours after the accident, Abi posted a photo of him and Austin as they appear in the Twitch video, over which he tweeted: "we're running late cus our go kart flipped and @MrAustinShow fell on me and possibly broke my rib. we will still do the meet and greet in a few." Later, Abi even apologized for his current condition, writing, "i just looked back and i'm wincing in every photo I AM SO SORRY GUYS THE DOCTOR SAID I MOST LIKELY BROKE A RIB!!!!!!."