Halsey Mourns Sudden Loss During 'The Worst Week'

Halsey is mourning the loss of her dog Jagger after the 5-year-old pup died Friday following a "sudden and uncommon" diagnosis of Myelomalacia. The "Without Me" singer took to Instagram to share their loss in what they revealed has been "the worst week of my life." They began by explaining they couldn't have been "more wrong" previously underestimating the level of grieving that people experience when their dog passes away. 

"I got Jagger when he was just a few weeks old. I sometimes thought about him passing. How would it feel? Well he'd be old and rickety and grumpy by then. We'd spend the last few years giving him extra ice cream and lazy sunbathing days that he loved when he was too old to run in circles," they continued. "I knew it would hurt and I feared it immensely, but I was at peace that we'd have many more years together and he'd have a long good life. Unfortunately that is not how it happened for us."

Halsey continued to describe the "catastrophic prognosis" of Myelomalacia, saying that within three days, their "beautiful baby boy went from chasing imaginary birds around the yard and laying in my lap turning his ears up at the sounds of Sesame Street, to having paralysis spread through his body by the hour." The "Bad at Love" artist noted it "was sudden and shocking and I still haven't even really processed it."

Halsey first adopted Jagger in 2017 when he was just a baby and the Grammy nominee explained that Jagger was their "very first love, who taught me how to be a mommy." They wrote, "My sweet, sarcastic, so very human boy ... Every single person who had the privilege of meeting jagger will never forget him. He was that special." The "Him & I" singer concluded their message by writing how Jagger's death is "the most visceral loss" they've ever experienced.

"Like the absence of a vital appendage. Every single second of my day that once revolved around his little habits and routines is now full of just emptiness and silence," they shared. "If you loved Jagger along with me, thank you for giving him the best life the bestest boy could have ever had."