Gordon Ramsay Takes Some Heat Over Resurfaced Interview With Sofia Vergara

Gordon Ramsay's past interviews are coming back to haunt him.

The celebrity chef and television host is making headlines this week after a 2010 interview with Jay Leno, which featured him and fellow guest Sofia Vergara, surfaced in which he showed bizarre behavior toward the Modern Family actress.

The nine-year-old video has been popping around on the Internet with viewers taking issue with Ramsay's comments and attitude toward Vergara, as first reported by E! News.

"Did I scare you guys?" she asked the men during the interview, referencing her screaming in a previous skit. "I never scream like that in real life. It was all acting."

"Only in the bedroom?" Ramsay said, touching Vergara's arm.

"You would never know," Leno responded as Vergara made a face and the audience reacted.

Leno then shows the cover of an issue of the now closed Daily Variety, featuring a Modern Family ad that read, "If Modern Family wins the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy, Sofia Vergara will run naked down Sunset Blvd.*"

"*Cast member may change without notice," the advertisement also read.

"That's ridiculous. I cannot run," Vergara responded in the clip.

"Knock yourself out," Ramsay responded.

The conversation then moved to a trip the actress had taken to Italy and Greece when they showed a photo of her with a friend during the trip in bikinis.

When the photo changed quickly to a second shot of Vergara eating pizza, "Wait— go back to the other picture. Think we have a female director? Duh!"

When the photo changed to the second shot of her eating, Ramsay noted: "You seem like you're enjoying that. You had a whole wedge in your mouth at one time?"

"Yes, yes, yes," Vergara answered while putting her hands up in the air in frustration while the audience laughed.

"You haven't heard of a knife and fork?" Ramsay continued. "You don't eat pizza with a knife and a fork."

"You just pick it up and stick it in," Ramsay added, making a clear sexual joke.

"He's English," Leno said.

Near the end of the visit, Vergara shared a Colombian dessert with the men, and though Ramsay insulted it at first, both guests seemed to be enjoying joking around with one another. The interview ended with Ramsay and Vergara hugging, though fans were not as forgiving when they commented on the old video.


"Sofia Vergara didn't deserve to be treated like this. This is very very uncomfortable," one viewer wrote.

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