Emily Blunt Reveals Tom Cruise's Explicit Advice on Set

Emily Blunt recently revealed some explicit advice she once got from Tom Cruise while on set of their 2014 film Edge of Tomorrow. Blunt appeared on the SmartLess podcast this week, and during the conversation she eventually shared the hilarious moment with cohosts Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes. offering some backstory, Blunt explained that it all started because of the heavy and uncomfortable suits the pair had to wear while filming. 

"We had to wear these enormous suits, which I think would've been great if we had CGI'd them, but we wanted to do it in a tactile way," the actress shared, then noting "there was nothing cozy about these suits." She continued, "It was like 85 pounds. It was so heavy. The first time I put it on I just started to cry, just started to cry in front of Tom, and he didn't know what to do." Blunt then said that she decided to be honest with her co-star. "I was like, 'Tom, I'm not sure how I'm going to get through this shoot,' and just started to cry," she said. "I was like, 'I'm feeling a bit panicky about the whole shoot.'"

Next, she shared Cruise's advice, saying, "He literally goes – he just stared at me for a long time, not knowing what to do, and he goes, 'Come on, stop being such a p—, OK?'" Blunt then clarified that the whole moment was humorous to her. "And I did laugh, and then we got through it," she said. "But the training was intense. It was like twice a day we trained for it."

Notably, after this story was picked up by news media outlets, Blunt issued a statement to PEOPLE to further clarify that she was not offended by Cruise and that they remain friends to this day. "I absolutely adore Tom, he's a dear friend and he was a total gem to me. It was said as a joke to make me laugh, which it did in a big way," she said.

Blunt added, "It's ludicrous that it's being spun as something that offended me. It didn't. I shared the story as lightheartedly as it was meant by Tom. And it's still something we laugh about to this day." At this time, Cruise does not appear to have issued a statement on the situation.