Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Opens up About Past Arrests, Family Financial Struggles

Dwayne Johnson made a trip to Hawaii this week, visiting several places that he used to frequent when he lived on the island when he was younger.

He shared his journey in an Instagram video with fans, explaining that seeing the spots where he went through hard times growing up always puts him in a reflective mood.

"Every time I come back here to the islands, I always make sure that I take a day, I go by myself and I go visit all my old haunts," he said, sharing that on this trip, he stopped by his grandparents' graves, his old high school, his old middle school and all the places he used to "get in trouble" and "get arrested," with the actor revealing that he had been arrested for check fraud, theft and fighting.

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On the other side of struggle is always something better. #YearsLater #LivingProof

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He also visited an apartment building a from which his family had been evicted.

"I've been parked outside in this neighborhood where we used to live probably for about an hour now and probably looking shady as all hell like a creep in my Cadillac Escalade with very tinted windows," he said, recalling how he used to exit the home, where he slept in the apartment's one bedroom and his parents slept on a pull-out couch, and would see a high-rise condominium building across the street.

"'Every day I used to walk out and I used to think, 'F—, man, it must be so cool to live in a place like that, I hope one day I can live in something like that, or we could live in something like that,'" he recalled thinking. "Ironically, years later, I'm doing alright."

After reminiscing on the difficult times, the actor shared a message of hope to his fans, telling them, "If you are out there and you're struggling, and a lot of you are, and you're struggling to make ends meet, struggling to pay the rent...I know what it's like, I've been down that road."

"I'm telling you, if you're going through it, stay strong, have faith and keep pushing through," he continued. "On the other side of your struggle is something good. On the other side of your struggle is some sort of success."

"[Mana And Gratitude]: Hawaii," he captioned the clip. "On the other side of struggle is always something better. [Years Later] [Living Proof]."

Johnson also shared a snap from his grandparents' grave, writing that he brought a double shot of tequila for his grandfather and a lei for his grandmother.


"So good to spend some alone time with my grandma and grandpa today here in Hawaii," he wrote. "Life is so wildly hectic and unpredictable. But it's amazing how slowing down to sit and talk with the spirits of your loved ones can recalibrate your soul. Much needed. Heart is full. Love you both, promise kept."

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