Chris Cuomo Might Have Been Spotted Naked in Background of Wife's Yoga Video

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo bore a little more than he probably wanted to during a recent, and unexpected, appearance in wife Cristina Greeven Cuomo's social media yoga session. As Christina took to Instagram Live on May 27 for a little exercise, some viewers spotted Cuomo in the background appearing completely naked.

In a screengrab from the moment, Cuomo appears in the buff outside his home in Southampton, where his wife was filming, apparently unaware that Christina was filming a live video for her 123,000 Instagram followers. Thankfully, Cuomo was mostly blocked by a column, though his nude appearance caused quite a stir on social media. Responding, one person wrote, "Omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" before another person quipped that "nobody asked for this."

Although Christina didn't seem to take notice of her husband flashing everyone in the background of the video, the clip has since been deleted, according to Page Six. MSN reports that in a yoga video shared on June 6, titled "Full moon yoga," white shades were drawn down to cover most of the windows facing the backyard. Neither Cuomo nor his wife responded to multiple calls and emails to confirm if it was in fact Cuomo spotted in his birthday suit.

Although the moment certainly sparked quite the discussion on social media, it also showed just how far the Cuomo family has come. In late March, the CNN anchor revealed that he had tested positive for the coronavirus after having "been exposed to people in recent days who have subsequently tested positive and I had fevers, chills and shortness of breath." Although Cuomo self-quarantined in their basement, his wife later tested positive and experienced a number of symptoms, including losing her sense of smell and taste. A week later, they revealed that their 14-year-old son Mario had tested positive for the virus and was experiencing many of the same symptoms Christina had.


Speaking to PEOPLE of the family’s battle with the virus, Christina said that "the fear I had going into it was far greater than the fear I had while I was in it. I think there's so much anxiety right now around this virus, and part of it is the fear of knowing there's no vaccine, and there's no proven cure or treatments."

Cuomo and Christina have been married for more than 19 years and along with Mario, share two other children – Bella, 17, and Carolina, 11, neither of whom experienced symptoms similar to that of coronavirus. Cuomo, Christina, and Mario have all recovered from the virus.