Chelsea Handler's Followers Not Happy About 'White Privilege' Bikini Photo

Chelsea Handler has been turning a lot of heads with her revealing Instagram photos as of late, but her latest stirred up a different kind of discussion. Handler, who has been baring all for quarantine-related Instagram snaps, shared a throwback bikini photo on Friday. She wore a purple bikini paired with high heels as she stood on a yacht. She also wore a black pair of sunglasses as she held a glass of wine.

The snap was a bit out of character for the former Chelsea Lately host, but that aspect was the point. Her caption noted that she was jokingly trying to "figure out why women wear heels" while they're wearing swimwear. She then added three hashtags: "throwback," "FBF" (Flashback Friday) and "White Privilege." That latter tag caused some trouble.

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I was trying to figure out why women wear heels while wearing a bathing suit. #throwback #FBF #whiteprivilege

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Handler has been an outspoken voice in the White privilege topic, even making a 2019 documentary for Netflix called Hello, Privilege. It's Me, Chelsea. Despite this fact, many people jumped on Handler for the hashtag. Some found it inappropriate, and others used it to turn her activism on the topic against her.

One person wrote, "You post against white privilege yet you live a more privileged life than most and flaunt it... what a joke!" A second added, "This hashtag is not f—kin appropriate."

A third wrote, "It must be the white privileged. It's amazing to me that you are telling people of color you are better than them from the color of your skin and they are bowing down to you." A fourth added, "#whiteprivilege ....really?" A fifth wrote, "I came to the conclusion that white privilege is made up by Liberals just to hold citizens down."


These remarks started the longest threads in the comments, with many debating the topic and trying to explain Handler's work on the issue. However, the Chelsea Does star also had plenty of supporters in the mix, as well. A lot of people cracked jokes or simply completed the 45-year-old comedian on pulling off the look, even if she was doing so ironically.

"You look like a Russian woman of leisure," one fan mused. Another added, "Thanks for recognizing the importance of matching the heels with the rosé. A third wrote, "okay but you look f—ing amazing." A fourth added, "You look great!! (Not loving the heels though [laugh emoji])."