Caitlyn Jenner Might Be Running for a Major Political Office

Caitlyn Jenner has made a name for herself in both the reality television and sporting spaces, but she may just be venturing into the world of politics next. As the New York Post noted, Jenner may be mulling a run against California Gov. Gavin Newsom in a recall election. Newsom, a Democrat in his first term as the Governor of California, will likely be facing a recall election later this year. The New York Post noted that signatures on a legally required petition for the recall election are still being verified. However, many have criticized Newsom's COVID-19 restrictions within the state (restrictions which he has reportedly not always followed) and have consequently been pushing for this recall election.

Amidst the news surrounding this recall election, Axios reported that Jenner has been in contact with political consultants about a potential run for governor in the state of California. The outlet reported that three sources with direct knowledge about Jenner's potential political aspirations told them about this news. Jenner, being a Republican and a former supporter of President Donald Trump, would present an interesting challenge to the current Democratic governor. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is reportedly being assisted in her efforts by Caroline Wren, who works with GOP-based fundraising.

Axios reported that Jenner and Wren initially met through the latter's work with the American Unity Fund, which is a GOP nonprofit that focuses on issues within the LGBT community. Wren has an interesting connection to former President Trump and his associated organizations. She reportedly previously worked at Trump Victory, which was a fundraising committee for his run for re-election for the presidency. She also helped organize the rally that took place shortly before the deadly attack at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, an event that Trump attended. In response to this news, representatives for both Jenner and Wren declined to comment.

Back in June 2020, Jenner opened up about her political views in an interview with PEOPLE. She noted that she has since "changed her political views" following her previous support of Trump. Jenner said, "I've changed my thinking in a lot of ways." She went on to say that she now identifies as "economically conservative, socially progressive," and that she believes "we need equality for all, regardless of who's in the White House."