Brad Pitt Is Reportedly 'Slowly' Working on Relationship With Son Maddox Amid Alleged Estrangement

It seems as though the rift between Brad Pitt and his son Maddox Jolie-Pitt is coming to an end. An insider told In Touch that "Maddox finally forgave his dad." While his son may have forgiven him, it appears as though things will still take some time to fully heal and that's what they're currently working on now. The two are said to be "slowly" repairing their relationship that's been strained since 2016, and after the two "spent quality one-on-one time together" things are looking up.

Pitt, who was supposed to attend the 2020 BAFTAs in London on Feb. 2, didn't because he found out his 18-year-old son would be back in Los Angeles for a little while and decided to stay back to smooth things over with him instead.

"Brad fully intended to go to the BAFTAs," the source explained. "But at the last minute, he learned that his son Maddox was back in L.A. from college. So Brad prioritized things and stayed in town to see him. And he's glad he did."

Back in 2016, the two had an alleged blowout fight while on a private jet with other family members, and ever since then, things have been rough between the two, despite Angelina Jolie's efforts to help mend the father-son relationship. Even as recent as 2019, Maddox was asked if he thought his famous father would come visit him on his college campus at the Yonsei University in Incheon, South Korea, he said, "Um, I don't know about that ... what's happening."

He was asked again by the outlet about he and his father's relationship and he replied with, "Whatever happens, happens."

In October 2019, a source revealed that "with Maddox overseas, Brad is also hopeful that Pax will also be interested in reconnecting without the influence of his older brother."

Wendy Williams gave a little bit of advice at the end of 2019 on how Pitt could repair his relationship saying, "We don't know whether Brad has tried to reach out to this boy, I must say that, he might be blocked on Maddox's phone, but Brad can fly to Korea and squat outside the dorm, I mean, there are things that parents can do, particularly if you have endless amounts of money. If you really want to reconnect with this boy, then leave Angelina out of it, and go over there, and basically, you stalk him in the name of love."


Thankfully, it turns out things are looking up for the dad-son duo.

Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega.