Bill Cosby's Attorney Claims Accusers Destroyed Evidence

Bill Cosby is getting closer to his retrial date in the ongoing sexual assault case against him, and now his attorney is claiming that his accusers destroyed evidence.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, new court documents reveal that Cosby's lawyers allege that the prosecuting attorneys waiting to only recently tell them about an interview that took place which could discredit Andrea Constand, Cosby's alleged victim.

Constand was the Temple University women's basketball team manager, and Cosby was a significant donor to the school, as well as a member of the board of trustees.

She accused Cosby of drugging and molesting her at his home in 2004 and he was charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault stemming from the incident.

The newly reported interview comes from a female former Temple University colleague who alleges that Constand admitted to her that Cosby never sexually assaulted her.

Additionally, the unidentified woman also says that Constant confessed to her that she made up false claims against the comedian in order to sue and get money from him.

Another claim that Cosby's lawyers have is that prosecutors only informed them on Jan. 17 of a separate relevant interview that took place before Cosby's 2017 trial even began.

They assert that the detectives who conducted the interview destroyed their notes and therefore they are asking the judge to throw out the retrial due to the prosecutors and detectives stripping Cosby of "any meaningful right to a fair trial."

In response, The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office says there were inaccuracies in the paperwork filed by Cosby's attorneys and that prosecutors would respond with their own new filing within 10 days.

Following the shocking mistrial judgment in the Bill Cosby rape case in 2017, the district attorney released a statement vowing to "get justice."


Kevin Steele, the Montgomery County District Attorney, told journalists, "We have made the determination of moving forward, and it lies in the fact she deserves a verdict in this case … and we will push forward to try and get justice done."

He continued, "We hope that moving forward in this casesends a strong message that victims of these types of crimes can come forward and can be heard on what has happened to them."