Alisha Wainwright Applauded Teacher for Giving Students a 'Raising Dion' Question Ahead of Justin Timberlake Debacle

Alisha Wainwright making headlines this weekend after some puzzling pictures of herself and Palmer [...]

Alisha Wainwright making headlines this weekend after some puzzling pictures of herself and Palmer co-star Justin Timberlake surfaced. However, ahead of the fiasco, she was busy promoting her Netflix series, Raising Dion. In fact, her latest tweet is about the series, which is still awaiting news of a Season 2 renewal. A fan of the show who is a school teacher revealed that she has been giving her students a question about the show on assignments.

The teacher asked "If you had Dion's superpowers [Raising Dion] for a day, what would you do?" and one student in particular had quite the spirited response.

The unnamed kid had a whole plot about how he would take all the LEGOs he could from a LEGO Store, move "the biggest tower" and add it to his home, then fortify it all in case of a zombie apocalypse. Then he goes on a tangent about "popping" a black hole and throwing a bunch of asteroids down onto the Earth.

It was a wild answer, and the random imagination involved in it gave Wainwright's followers a few giggles.

"NO WAIT YOU DIDNT READ HIS REPLY IM SCREAMING 'everyone is wiped out like the dinasours,'" a fan wrote.

A second added, "His reply is the best tho."

Wainwright was not phased by the odd answer, though, and was much more thrilled that kids were learning about the series in school. In fact, the 30-year-old Shadowhunters alum has been very excited about Raising Dion's potential to appeal to younger viewers, as well as young mothers, ever since it was released.

"There's two really unique things about the show. It deals with a child that's very young. He's only seven years old. And then, it's from the perspective of a single mother. You're hitting two unique demographics," Wainwright told Collider in October. "You're hitting young moms, and then you're also connecting with young children. You've got both of those perspectives, so it also makes it great for family viewing. Everyone can identify with feelings of motherhood, or what it was like for your mother when she was raising you, or your mother figure. And then, seeing the superpowers through a kid's eyes makes you want to live in his wonder and imagination."

All nine episodes of Raising Dion are currently streaming on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Netflix