Al Roker Breaks Down as His 'Today' Show Coworkers Surprise Him at Home With Christmas Caroling Amid Health Issues

Al Roker has had to miss the Today show lately due to health issues, but his coworkers found a sweet way to surprise him while he recovers. In a new clip from the morning show, Roker broke down in happy tears when his fellow Today hosts — as well as producers, crew and security — showed up at his home to sing to him. Check out the video below.

With everyone gathered in Santa hats, the whole Today show crew gathered outside Roker's place and brought tears to the weatherman's eyes when he saw what his team had done for him. "It's impressive you did that without a prompter," he quipped, then turning emotional. "I've missed you all so, so very much, all these faces," Rocker said. "It just means the world to me and to our family and my Deborah, who's just been my rock. I thank you so much. I really appreciate it."

The big surprise comes weeks after Roker was readmitted to the hospital due to blood clot issues. Last month, he was hospitalized for clots in his legs and lungs. "Last week I was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot in my leg which sent some clots into my lungs," Roker wrote in a Nov. 18 Instagram post. After being treated, he was released to spend Thanksgiving with his family but had to be transported back to the hospital on Friday, Nov. 25.

Roker appeared on the Today show Monday morning and shared an update on his health progress, checking in with his co-hosts virtually from his home. "Listen, it's been a tough slog," Roker admitted. "I'm not going to deny this."

He continued, "It's been the hardest one yet, and you know I've had my share of surgeries. It gives you a profound sense of gratitude for this outpouring of prayers and thanks. I'm a very fortunate person." Roker went on to thank his fellow Today show journalists for stopping by the hospital to cheer him up. "You guys have been terrific coming by the hospital," he said. "Hoda (Kotb) was actually, I think, named as an honorary doctor. She would literally show up. She did a 'Ho-dini,' the way she would just be there."

The 68-year-old confessed that he is still working on regaining his strength, which will keep him away from the show for a little longer, and he also revealed that he has opted to postpone a scheduled knee-replacement surgery. "You lose a certain amount of muscle mass for every week you're in the hospital, and I was in the hospital for four weeks," Roker said. "It's just a certain amount of weakness. I'm doing physical therapy every day, occupational therapy. I've got to just get my strength back."