'Celebrity Big Brother' Star Jasmine Lennard Accuses Cristiano Ronaldo of Abuse

Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo has denied new accusations of drastic emotional abuse levelled against him by Celebrity Big Brother alum Jasmine Lennard.

Lennard, a fashion model from the UK who starred in the British spin-off of Celebrity Big Brother, posted about Ronaldo in a series of tweets on Tuesday night. She claims that they have had a relationship for a full decade, and she suffered emotional trauma and even threats against her life. Now, she is looking to help Kathryn Mayorga build a legal case against Ronaldo for sexual assault.

"Watched [Surviving R. Kelly] last night. Sickening," Lennard began. "Absolutely sickening that because people are so enamoured by him and his musical talent he’s been able to get away for SO long with these vile criminal acts of abuse and paedophilia."

"On that note and after much thought I am reaching out to Kathryn Mayorga and her legal team to offer my assistance in her rape allegation against @Cristiano please contact me," she continued. "I have information that I believe will be beneficial to your case and I would like to help you."

Lennard went on in a long series of un-threaded tweets, responding to fans and declaring her stance alongside Mayorga. Mayorga is in the middle of a lawsuit against Ronaldo, according to TMZ, claiming that he suied her in a hotel room in Las Vegas, Nevad back in 2009. Mayorga filed a police report at the time, and claims that she later accepted a $375,000 payment in exchange for dropping the charge. Now, however, she wants to void her non-disclosure agreement and bring Ronaldo to justice.

Lennard is intent on helping, judging by her tweets. She went on to explain how she believes Ronaldo's private persona is so different from the one he uses in public.

"No one has any idea what he is truly like and if they did. If they had half a clue they’d be horrified," she wrote.

She continued, claiming that Ronaldo has hired publicists, lawyers and investigators to "bully and stalk and harass and frighten and repress" Mayorga. The exact nature of her own interactions with Ronaldo are still unclear.

"I have had a relationship with him for a decade," she wrote. "We have been communicating pretty much on a daily basis for the last year and half and I have messages and recordings that’ll be invaluable to Kathryn and her team in showing his true nature and character how unwell he is. I refuse to sit back any longer. It’s wrong. It makes me feel like I’m complicit."

She herself has suffered threats and manipulation at Ronaldo's hands, Lennard claims. In a few tweets she documented his graphic threats to kidnap, dismember and murder her, promising that she had recording and documentation to back her up.


In a later tweet, Lennard revealed that she was in contact with Mayorga's legal team, and intended to keep the details of her accusations to herself until the "appropriate time."

"Twitter is not the appropriate place and this is not the appropriate time," she went on. "All I care about is helping this girl."