Meghan Markle Honors Children Archie and Lilibet With Sparkling Accessory

Meghan Markle gave a glamorous nod to her children in a new video to celebrate her 40th birthday. Markle made a hilarious video with comedian Melissa McCarthy on Wednesday, and some eagle-eyed fans have zeroed in on her two diamond necklaces. It turns out they are her children's zodiac signs.

Markle gave birth to her son Archie on May 6, 2019, and her daughter Lilibet on June 4, 2021. She wore a Taurus and Gemini constellation necklace for each of them respectively, both adorned with diamonds. According to a report by Us Magazine, the jewelry comes from designer Logan Hollowell, who is based in Los Angeles, California. The Gemini necklace features 11 diamonds, weighs 0.42 carats and costs $1,785, while the Taurus necklace has 8 diamonds, weighs 0.4 carats and costs $1,600.

The necklaces were the flashiest part of Markle's otherwise laid-back look in the video. They were plain to see as she wore a white tank top and a creme-colored cardigan, with her hair pulled back except for some simple bangs framing her face. The reserved look served Markle's role as the straight man to McCarthy's wacky birthday to-do list.

The video showed Markle and McCarthy video chatting about Markle's birthday plans. McCarthy proposed that they get matching tattoos together, hoping to prove that they are "really besties." She also asked Markle to "finally do a Suits reunion," or to simply throw a "yacht party." Markle laughed these ideas off before revealing the real announcement behind the clip.

"Because I'm turning 40, I'm asking 40 friends to donate 40 minutes of their time to help mentor a woman who is mobilizing back into the workforce," Markle said. "Over 2 million women in the U.S. alone and tens of millions around the world have lost their jobs due to COVID, and I think if we all do it and all commit 40 minutes to some sort of act of service we can create a ripple effect. You in?"


Markle's proposal is called 40x40, and is being promoted through her Archewell organization along with Prince Harry. The prince even made a cameo in the video, juggling in the background of Markle's side of the video chat. This brought McCarthy to uncontrollable laughter.

So far, it is not clear which other friends Markle is inviting to participate in the 40x40 initiative, or how the mentoring program will work. However, there's no doubt that she is using her platform carefully, as this was her first public appearance since giving birth to Lilibet. Markle's video is trending now on social media.