Maria Menounos Expecting First Baby With Husband Keven Undergaro After Decade-Long Fertility Journey

Maria Menounos is going to be a mom after a decade-long fertility journey. The TV host, 44, and her husband, Keven Undergaro, are expecting their first child via a surrogate, Menounos announced Tuesday during her appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan. While the Better Together podcast host and her husband had plans to go to Greece over the summer, she revealed that they had to change things up "because we're having a baby."

"I had to share it here first because you guys are my family, you guys have been on the journey and I'm so grateful," Menounos said through tears, adding that she was feeling "emotional" and "super excited." The Heal Squad host couldn't hide her emotions as she thanked the many people who have helped her along the way. "We're just so so grateful because these people really help you bring life forward and without them we wouldn't have been able to do this," she said, pointing out her husband in the audience. 

"Our surrogate and her family are literal angels," the mom-to-be added. "I'm so grateful that we're gonna have this extended family our baby will be part of, and we're just so grateful to everybody who's helped us along the way." She concluded, "This is surreal. This is wild. I can't believe I'm telling everybody this right now."

Menounos has been sharing the details of her fertility journey for more than a decade, having first started IVF treatments in 2012. In February 2022, the host revealed it had been a "very frustrating process" trying to find a surrogate who would be able to carry a child for her and Undergaro after their first surrogate was determined not to be a medical match back in 2021.

"That was a really hard breakup because we had been together on the journey for almost two years. She was just so lovely and so amazing and very patient with us," said Menounos at the time. "There's something called a mock cycle that my fertility doctor suggested because we only have two really good embryos and we want two kids," she added. "What would happen is the uterine lining wouldn't grow to that last stage where you could safely implant and know that the embryo would stick. Had we not done [a mock cycle], we would've probably lost our only chances."