Dax Shepard Wants His Kids to Try These Drugs One Day, But With 2 Major Exceptions

Although Dax Shepard is sober these days, he just admitted that he's totally okay with his kids [...]

Although Dax Shepard is sober these days, he just admitted that he's totally okay with his kids doing drugs like mushrooms and weed, and even enjoying some alcohol. During an episode of Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, he spoke with fellow actor Rob Lowe as they discussed their kids using drugs, along with a few other funny stories involving other big named actors like Tom Cruise. "How old are your kids by the way, 'cause I wonder what you tell them about drugs?" Lowe questioned. "'Cause I've been through it with my boys."

Shepard replied eagerly, saying, "I'm so glad you just said that because I was going to ask you the same thing. I am pro my children doing mushrooms at some point. I do think ... well, there are a lot of different studies that have pretty conclusively shown that you have long lasting creative advantages, right. Like if you would've done mushrooms... that lasts. So I guess yeah, I'm going to tell my girls to do shrooms and to smoke pot and to drink and to just don't do cocaine or opioids." He added, "If you don't do those two things you'll likely be able to do all the other ones for the rest of your life but if you get involved with those two..."

Shepard shares Delta Bell Shepard and Lincoln Shepard with his wife Kristen Bell. Bell has been a huge supporter of Shepard while on his sobriety journey. The actor has now been sober for 16 years.

Lowe shared a memory he had with Shepard and their listeners after recalling the one time he and Cruise had to share a hotel room together following an audition. Both starred in the 1983 drama The Outsiders and Lowe broke down the audition process saying that Cruise threw a fit after realizing he and Lowe were going to have to share a living space together. "All of the L.A. people survived the L.A. auditions, and then the hand-picked people had to go to New York to face the New York version," Lowe explained. "So it was me and Tom Cruise and Emilio [Estevez] and C. Thomas Howell. [It was the] first time I ever stayed at The Plaza Hotel, and we check-in and Tom finds out that we're sharing a room and just goes ballistic."

"To me, what's great about the story is, there's certain people who have always been who they are, and that element of them has powered them to where they are today and the rest is history," he continued. "I remember going, 'Wow, this guy is the real deal.' I mean it made me laugh, it was gnarly. But in the end of it, you can't argue with the results. He's had his eye on the ball since day one."