Beyonce and Blue Ivy Twin in Throwback Childhood Photo

Beyoncé recently posted a side-by-side photo of her 7-year-old daughter Blue Ivy and herself at that age, revealing how similar the two look.

Beyoncé put the heart-warming pictures up on Instagram on Thursday. One photo showed her daughter, whom she shares with her husband Jay-Z. The other showed Beyoncé herself at the same age. The two girls could easily have been twins — even rocking the same hairstyle and the same curious expression. Beyoncé credited the comparison to someone else who had pointed it out to her.

"Someone made this comparison of me at age 7 and Blue at age 7," she wrote. "My baby is growing up."

(Photo: Instagram @beyonce)

Fans fawned over the post, which racked up nearly five million likes in two days. The comments section filled with heart emojis, as fans love every glimpse they get of Beyoncé's family.

"Twins for sure," one fan declared. "We know who Blue Ivy is gonna look like when she is all grown up."

"Thought it was the same person," added another.

"Look at all of that hair on Blue. See I knew why u kept her hair natural and it's paying off," a third person guessed. "You ladies are gorgeous."

Beyoncé's previous post concerned her daughter as well. It was an album, and three of the photos showed the singer in a bright striped outfit standing in front of a colorful mural. Another showed Blue Ivy lying on a strange piece of furniture, the last one showed a hand adorned with rings, colorful strings, tattoos and bright nail polish.

"Photo Credit: B.IV," Beyoncé wrote with a heart-eyes emoji.

Fans went wild for both of these posts, noting that Beyonce did not typically write any captions on Instagram. Two more posts followed without captions over the weekend, but fans were still hopeful. Some speculated that Beyoncé might be dipping her toe in the water of fan interactions as she prepares for The Lion King, where she will play Nala.


"Beyoncé is talking to us, writing caption," one fan tweeted, "2019 is going to be different I feel like she's going to do interviews for The Lion King."

Beyoncé has typically been very averse to long interviews or constant social media interactions. The singer is known for letting her work speak for itself. Still, if a sweet mother-daughter moment slips through now and then, it is clear that fans do not mind.