'Frozen' Star Josh Gad Posts Hilariously Adorable 'Foot Tap Technique' While His 'Child Is Raging'

Frozen star Josh Gad recently posted a hilariously adorable video to Twitter, showing off the "foot tap technique" he uses when his "child is raging." In the clip, Gad can be seen cautiously tapping his child on the back, while the angry tyke is crouched down in the floor. Gad also quipped that once "you have confirmed" the child is "non-aggressive" you can then use hands as opposed to feet.

Many of Gad's followers have since commented on the clip, with one sharing, "When my daughter Cami rages my son runs around warning the others"Code C, Code C, Code C!"

"I have tried this on my toddler...she then turned round and bit me, I now go to picking her up straight off," another user said.

"That could be a video of my daughter and I," someone else tweeted. "Glad to know I’m not the only one to use the foot tap technique."

"What magical force field surrounds a child who is not instantly calmed by the soothing voice of Olaf? I am bewildered," one other fan joked.

"So great to see that celebrities have the same troubles with kids as us normal people lol," a fifth Twitter user wrote.

One last fan quipped. "Just open a tin of chocolates, there soon be smiles, well for about 3 seconds when you say 'Erm there all mine.' "

Not everyone agreed with Gad's decision to share the clip, however, as one person seemed to chide the actor.

"Would she really want you putting this on the Internet though? I get that your purpose is finding comedy but you need to think about your daughters rights for privacy," the user stated.

There was also at least one person who, admittedly, focused on an entirely different aspect of the clip altogether.

"I realize this is entirely not the point, but you have really nice feet," the user wrote, then adding, "(Of course, the video wouldn't be nearly as cute or funny if your feet were hideous, so my comment is at least tangentially on topic.)"


Fans can catch Gad's brilliant vocal talents as Olaf when Frozen 2 opens in theaters later this year.

Photo Credit: Getty Images