Dustin Lynch Overwhelmed by Invitation to Join Grand Ole Opry


Dustin Lynch Overwhelmed by Invitation to Join Grand Ole Opry

Kelly Clarkson Ignites Controversy After She Admits to Spanking Her Children

Kelly Clarkson has found herself igniting controversy after publicly admitting to spanking her children.

During an radio station interview, the singer opened up about her parenting style and said, "I'm not above spanking, which people aren't necessarily into, and I don't mean anything like hitting hard, I just mean a spanking," as reported by Cafe Mom.

Clarkson has one biological daughter, River Rose, and 2 step-children, Savannah and Seth, who are her husband Brandon Blackstock's from a previous relationship.

"I warn her. I'm like, 'hi, I'm going to spank you on your bottom if you don't stop right now -- like this is ridiculous,'" the 35-year-old continued, before adding, "So my parents spanked me and I did fine in life and feel fine about it. But I do that as well, too."

While some fans applauded her, many others were very critical of her stance on the issue of spanking.

"I never spanked my children! They are 28 and 25! A boy and a girl!! We are so close as a family! They had to respect us but [we] did not spank in order to get those results!! It takes work and quality time with your children," one person wrote on social media.

"I'm a single mom with 3 boys. I never spanked my children because I taught them to be respectful. They're all teenagers now. A/B students, athletes, and very respectful[,] responsible people. Hitting a child doesn't teach them anything other than it's ok to hit when you're angry or frustrated," added another person.

Additionally, in the interview, the former American Idol champion said, "So that's a tricky thing when you're out in public, 'cause then people are like, you know, they think that's wrong or something. But I find nothing wrong with a spanking."

"I'm from the south, y'all. So like, we get a spanking. My mom would call the principal -- like if I ever ended up in the Principal's office -- and give permission for her to spank me .... I'm a well-rounded individual with a lot of character, so I think it's fine," Clarkson concluded on the subject.