'Teen Mom': Why Zach Davis Isn't on the Deed of Cheyenne Floyd's New House

While Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd is basking in newlywed life with Zach Davis, their living situation may be deemed unconventional to society's standards. As it turns out, Davis' name is not on the deed of their marital home. But Floyd and Davis say it has nothing to do with their status as husband and wife and simply boils down to Davis' personal issues. During a Q&A with fans, the couple was asked about their home and whether Davis is on the deed. Apparently, they've been getting their questions a lot. While he admits his name isn't on the deed, he says it's for good reason because "it would make no sense." Davis says he prefers to use an FHA loan, which is common for first-time buyers, to purchase "income property." But the main reason he was left off the deed is due to his legal trouble.

"The main reason was legally my, you know, situation wasn't fit to do so," he said. "Like, it didn't make sense to do it. So I'm not about to risk … I just felt like it gave us a lot more roadblocks than just putting it in Chey's name and calling it a day." Davis was found guilty of driving while under the influence, which remains on his record as of now.

Floyd says she was told during the process that it was the best option at the time, especially for couples who want a business loan or investment proo[ery n the future. A loan officer gave the couple the advice, and they followed it. But despite his name not being on the lease, they do not have prenup. 

Davis and Floyd are parents to a son. Floyd has a daughter, Ryder, with her ex, Cory Wharton.

Davis proposed to Floyd at their baby shower. But their relationship journey was not an easy one. They dated on and off for several years before reconciling a final time in 2020. Planning the wedding also proved to be a task, but Floyd told PEOPLE during the planning that her kids kept her excited.