'Teen Mom 2': David Eason Breaks Silence After Allegedly Assaulting Wife Jenelle Evans

David Eason has finally addressed the reports that he assaulted his wife, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle [...]

David Eason has finally addressed the reports that he assaulted his wife, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, in an new Instagram post on Saturday.

Eason appeared to to tackle the allegations on Saturday morning, with a photo of himself, Evans and their daughter, Ensley. The three of them smiled near a sparkling body of water in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Eason held Ensley in one arm while Evans stood in front of them, her cell phone reflected in her mirror sunglasses.

(Photo: Instagram / David Eason)

"We have never been happier, thanks for asking!" Eason wrote in the caption. The former reality star had disable comments on the post, making it impossible for fans to weigh in with either support or doubt. Still, the post did pick up more than 5,000 likes in a matter of hours.

Eason had posted another set of photos from the same outing on Friday morning, showing him leading 1-year-old Ensley around.

"Ensley is getting so big and independent!" he wrote at the time. "She just loves walking and seeing new things!"

Despite all these attempts to gloss over the recent allegations, fans have not forgotten the most recent allegations against Eason. Evans called 911, asking for police at their house in Columbus County, North Carolina last weekend. She told the operator that Eason had gotten "violent 'cause he was drinking," and that he "pinned" her to the ground in their yard. She had apparently suffered an injury to either her arm or her collarbone.

"My husband, he assaulted me. He pinned me down on the ground in the yard," the reality star said through tears. "I think I heard my f—ing collarbone crack. I can't move my arm. ... All I know is that my collarbone hurts so bad."

Evans ultimately declined to file a police report about the incident, and she also turned down an ambulance ride. However, she did go to the hospital in a private vehicle. In a later statement to E! News, she brushed off the whole thing as "drunk and dramatic misunderstanding."

"Everything is great," she added. "We are totally fine."

Still, Evans herself has stayed quiet about the incident on social media. She has made a few promotional posts on Instagram, and she has deleted her Twitter account altogether.

Eason is a controversial figure, even in the world of Teen Mom. He was officially fired from the show last season after making some homophobic remarks on social media, and he has only gotten more brazen with his platform since then.

Photo Credit: Getty Images