'School of Rock' Co-Stars Are Dating Years After Movie's Release

School of Rock co-stars Angelo Massagli and Caitlin Hale are dating in real life! Fans were thrilled to find out the two went from being co-stars in the hit 2003 film to being in a romantic relationship years later, all grown up. Both played students-turned-bandmates in the Jack Black-led movie, with Massagli playing the role of Frankie, the band's "security guard," and Hale portraying Marta, a backup singer. Their relationship as young adults stems all the way to 2018 according to their Instagram accounts.

The news of their romance broke after they posted a TikTok video, and after some investigating, it was discovered they've actually been together for years now. The two have gone on to lead successful careers outside of Hollywood, with Massagli graduating from law school in 2019 from the University of Miami, and Hale going on to become an OGBYN. Recently Hale took to her Instagram and shared a heartfelt post with her fans of a picture of her in a hospital bed with Massagli by her side, while she raised awareness for Endometriosis Awareness Month.

"Happy Endometriosis Awareness month!" she started her lengthy caption, in which she thanked the medical team who performed what she said was her second laparoscopic endometriosis excision surgery. "And, of course, couldn't have done it without @angelo_massagli waiting on me hand and foot during my two weeks of bed rest!" she wrote. The former actress then went on to detail what exactly the surgery is and what a person can expect immediately following the surgery. Naturally, her followers loved her thorough detail with many sending her well-wishes for a speedy recovery and thanking her for sharing in so much detail.


In late April it was announced that Black may be returning for a School of Rock sequel. According to We Got This Covered, there's buzz that Paramount is interested in another outing for Black's riff-tastic substitute teacher Dewey Finn, and the A-list star is said to be in talks for the project. There is no official confirmation at this point, but there are no doubt fans who would love to see Black educating a new generation of music students on classic jams from ACDC, Led Zeppelin, and Van Halen. When the actor starred in the movie in 2003, at that time it was his second major leading role.