Ray J and Princess Love Reconcile After Third Divorce Filing

The never-ending on-again-off-again marriage between Brandy's little brother Ray J and his wife, Princess Love, continues. After three divorce filings and multiple reconciliations in between, the One on One alum revealed in an Instagram post that he and Love have reunited. The revelation came as Ray celebrated his 42nd birthday in Las Vegas. Love initially posed a tribute to him, noting the unconditional love she and their two children have for him. In the post, she claimed that Ray's only wish was to spend the day with their daughter, Melody, and their son, Epik. Ray echoed similar sentiments in his post, writing in all capital letters, "THANKS FOR THE BDAY LOVE! – IM TAKING IT EASY TODAY! – FAMILY AND A FEW FRIENDS GONNA PULL UP! – I BEEN AT THIS HOTEL FOR 2 MONTHS IN LAS VEGAS ON SUPER GRIND MODE!! NEW NETWORK DEAL #DOSH – NEW MUSIC PROJECTS ON THE WAY! – HAD TO GET MY WIFE BACK AND START FRESH. I LOVE MY FAMILY!! Ill FIGHT OVER AND OVER FOR LIFE FOR MY FAMILY AND KIDS!! – Ill PUT IT ALL ON THE LINE FOR MY CHILDREN TO BE HAPPY AND SAFE AND CLOSE TO ME 24/7!!! GOD IS ALWAYS WORKING!! – STAY TUNED!! THIS NEW WAVE IM ON IS LIT IN ALL THE RIGHT WAYS!! – #HAPPYBDAYRAYj – NEW START – NEW GOALS!! – NEW YEAR." He showed off a video of what appeared to be their temporary residence while he's working in Vegas.

As it turns out, Sin City has been a topic of contention for the couple. In 2019, the couple attended the Soul Train Music Awards with Melody while Love was eight months pregnant with Epik. She claims he became upset and abandoned her and Melody, leaving them stranded in Vegas when she denied his request to move their family to the city. According to Love, Vegas represents too many distractions for the known party boy. 

She filed for divorce months after Epik was born, but took the divorce off the table a few months later. The couple relocated to Miami for a fresh start, but Ray filed divorce documents that Fall, which Love says she was blindsided by. They attempted to work things out again by appearing on VH1's Couple's Retreat, but Ray couldn't give life coach AJ Johnson a solid answer when asked if he wanted to remain married.

He filed divorce docs again the same year after some time had passed. Last fall, the couple couldn't agree in meditation over how things would go in their divorce. It's unclear when they reconciled, and if it'll last this time.