Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Share Steamy Kiss During Beach Vacation

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban put the PDA on full display in new photographs captured from their vacation to Sydney, Australia this week.

Kidman and Urban enjoyed some sunshine on Sydney's Palm Beach on Wednesday. In the images published by Entertainment Tonight, the couple shared a kiss that would make most blush, with Kidman practically on top of her husband in the sand. The 51-year-old actress wore a wide-brimmed white hat that hid both of their faces, and a ruffled white bikini to match.

The 51-year-old couple looked like young newlyweds in the heart-warming candid shots. They spent their Christmas in Australia with the sun in their eyes and smiles on their faces. Other pictures showed the two standing on the beach, both in incredible shape yet looking perfectly at ease.

To movie-goers this month, Kidman is a busy woman. She has been in theaters since last week as Aquaman's mother, Atlanna, the powerful Atlantean who strayed from the underwater empire and found love on the surface world with a human. The actress got to put her sci-fi and action skills on display, there, but on Christmas day she premiered in a new role.

Destroyer stars Kidman as Erin Bell, a former undercover cop with a vendetta. Kidman brought her daughters, 10-year-old Sunday and 8-year-old Faith to the premiere of Aquaman with her, but she told ET that the girls were actually pretty frightened by her portrayal of Erin Bell.

"They were a bit scared. They found it scary, yeah," Kidman said. "[My character is]... angry and she's defensive and she's on a mission and she has a lot of rage, but she also has a lot of pain and heart and is trying to fix the damage and heal things... I think that's very emotional, but it's a good story too."

Kidman had previously spoken about the struggle to take the roles she was drawn to while also wanting to star in something her daughters could see. It does not sound like Sunday and Faith got to see Destroyer, but Kidman said that she did a make-up test for the role at home.

"When it becomes in your home and you just kind of there, it's very gritty," the actress explained. "What happens is it becomes authentic, so then it just becomes, like, oh this is very real to me. I'm in this skin. I'm in this person. I'm not standing on the outside trying to make this happen."


Both Destroyer and Aquaman are in theaters now.

Photo credit: Instagram / @KeithUrban