Netflix Actress and Boyfriend's Breakup Confirmed

Park Min-young and her businessman boyfriend "Kang" have called it quits. Just days after reports first surfaced that the South Korean actress, known for her roles in the Netflix series Busted and Forecasting Love and Weather, was dating the wealthy businessman, it seems the couple has broken up amid serious allegations brought against Kang.

The couple's split was confirmed by Hook Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin Young, Park's agency. In a Sept. 29 statement "regarding actress Park Min Young's dating news," per Soompi, Jin apologized on the agency's behalf "for the delayed statement as it took some time for the agency to confirm the facts." The statement went on to reveal, "Park Min Young has broken up with the individual mentioned in the dating rumors," adding that the actress's current top priority is "to successfully complete filming for her ongoing drama Love in Contract, so she will do her best to not cause harm to the broadcast....We once again ask for your generous understanding in order for actress Park Min Young to fully focus on the remainder of filming for her drama."

The statement was released just a day after Dispatch reported that Park and Kang were in a relationship. That report also shed light on concerning allegations surrounding their relationships, noting that Kang's business card lists him as the chairman of Vidente, INBIOGEN, Bucket STUDIO, and Bithumb LIVE, though his name is not publicly listed in relation to those companies. When contacted by the outlet, the companies, including Vidente and INBIOGEN, did not know who Kang was and only mentioned the name of his sister, who is publicly known as the CEO of those companies. The outlet also reported that everything Kang owns, including his home, cars, and golf course, are not registered under his name. A different report from SBS alleged that Park's sister was an outside director of INBIOGEN. Kang was previously indicted for fraud and document forging after he swindled about 3.5 billion won (approximately $2.4 million) from 2013 to 2014, and in 2016, he was handed a 2-year and 6-month prison sentence with a probation period of three years.


Hook Entertainment's statement confirming Park and Kang's split also addressed the allegations against the businessman, stating, "it is not true at all that actress Park Min Young received significant monetary benefits from the individual. Her older sister Ms. Park has also submitted her intent to resign from her position as an outside director of INBIOGEN." The agency added, "The actress will be more cautious about her actions as well as those of her family and everyone else connected to her to diligently show responsibility as an actress and public figure."