Latest Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Breakup Rumors Are Bogus

Rumors continue to swirl about couple Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. After the two met on the The Voice and went public with their relationship, it seems as though they can't escape false rumors. For the longest time, fans thought they might be engaged or expecting a child together. However, now, rumors are stating that they are on the verge of breaking up due to their busy schedules, but according to Gossipcop, that's not true.

In efforts to debunk the news that came from the National Enquirer, the outlet posted several quotes that were given by an alleged anonymous source. "They swear to anyone who'll listen that the distance will only make their hearts grow fonder, but Blake is already having serious doubts about spending that much time apart!" The two recently announced they'll have pretty separate schedules for the next several months with Stefani owning her new Vegas residency while Shelton will be on his Friends and Heroes tour.

"Blake and Gwen spend almost every hour of the waking day together," the source alleged to the Enquirer. "From the time they met on The Voice to the time they spend with her kids, they're rarely, if ever, apart. He's become totally reliant on Gwen to the point of obsession! Blake starts thinking men are chasing after her if she's gone for more than a few hours, let alone months."

However, according to GC, the Enquirer also reported the couple was already married and having a child together. The fact-checker has claimed that this news doesn't seem to be true about their potential breakup, since other news from the outlet hasn't been true. For now, the couple still seems happy, and they seem to be going strong.

In fact, Stefani recently said that quarantining with Shelton and her kids was "magical." "We don't ever have that much solid time together. We did do a lot of fun stuff. We did a lot of cooking. I learned how to make sourdough bread like everybody else; it took me like a month to get the starter right. We did so much stuff. We built a garden. We planted zinnias. I mean, we planted thousands of zinnia flowers. It was a lot of stuff that you dream about doing that you never have time to do."


Adding to what Stefani said, Shelton said they all spent a lot of time in the kitchen, admitting he learned how to make jam. While nothing is concrete, the two still seem very happy together and it looks like fans won't see a breakup between these two anytime soon, if ever.