Kate Upton Pregnant With First Child From Husband Justin Verlander

Kate Upton is pregnant with her first child from husband Justin Verlander.The model broke the news [...]

Kate Upton is pregnant with her first child from husband Justin Verlander.

The model broke the news on Saturday morning in the form of an Instagram photo taken in Miami, Florida.

The photo is a simple but fashionable shot of Upton, 26, standing on a balcony. She is wearing a red pant suit, white undershirt, white sunglasses and gold earrings. The a baby bump in its early stages is visible under her shirt.

(Photo: Instagram / @kateupton)

While this shot does not do much to prove a pregnancy, Upton made it clear that she and Verlander, 35, were expecting.

"Pregnant in Miami," Upton wrote, adding Verlander's name, a sun emoji and a heart emoji.

The photo received 187,000 likes in the first two hours since it was originally posted.

Verlander, who is a pitcher for the Houston Astros, has yet to comment on the news.

Online reaction to the couple's baby news was overwhelmingly positive. Many fans jested about how the baby will have strong genetics from its supermodel mom and athlete father, while others simply congratulated the couple on becoming parents.

"The baby with the genetics of Justin Verlander and Kate Upton will rule the world," SportsTalk 790 personality Ross Villarreal wrote. "I bow to you, baby Verlander."

Another fan added, "Congratulations [and] blessings on your new addition! Yay for parenthood and future little league games."

Upton and Verlander have dated since early 2014. They became engaged in 2016 and married in November 2017, just days after the Astros won the World Series.

"It was a crazy whirlwind," Verlander told CBS News of the back-to-back major life events. "Definitely a hangover was involved. It was an interesting experience. We partied that night all night and then first thing in the morning had to hop on a plane and go straight to our wedding when all of our guests had already been there for a day and a half. It was two amazing once-in-a-lifetime experiences kind of tied into one in the same couple of days. That just doesn't happen."

As for how the couple juggles their busy careers, in that same interview, Verlander also detailed how the couple keeps their bond strong while both working around the globe.

"We try to be together as much as possible," he said. "We both have extremely busy schedules but we've come up with a way that we can see each other and maximize our down time. During baseball season whenever she has downtime she'll come to whatever city I'm in, and during the off season I'm wherever she's at, so I'm in L.A. or New York a lot in the off season and she's in Houston or on the road during the season. We try not to go ever more than two weeks without seeing each other."