Jesse James Breaks Silence With Request Against Estranged Pregnant Wife as She Files Protective Order

Jesse James' estranged' pregnant wife, Bonnie Rotten (her real name is Alaina Antoinette James), is seeking an order of protection. In Touch has the court documents that detail her reason why. Rotten filed the paperwork on Wednesday, Dec. 7. The 29-year-old alleges claimed she and Sandra Bullock's ex-husband argued badly on Nov. 28 and his behavior during the argument was alarming. In the paperwork, she says: "He got in my face, called me a 'f—king retard.'" She claims that she pleaded with him to stop, and as she stood in front of the door, James put her in a headlock and moved her out of his way. She says he later slammed her arm inside the bedroom door of their home.

She says things escalated, adding, "He went in the office to get his keys, and I walked outside with him and was trying to talk to him, but I gave up and went upstairs. I went upstairs and was on the phone with my friend in another state trying to pack my stuff when he came upstairs and followed me around as I begged for him to leave and asked him to get away from me."

While packing her belongings, she alleges James continued to antagonize her and wouldn't leave her alone, following her throughout the house. She dialed 911 out of fear. After the cops arrived, she says she went to a hotel that evening. Now, James wants her banned from their home.

According to TMZ, he filed his response to her divorce petition, asking the judge permission to stay in his Austin, TX home and prevent her from entering. James is seeking so temporarily until the divorce is worked out. James also wants the exclusive use and possession of any cars and motor vehicles that he owns.