Jenna Jameson's Wife Jessi Lawless Claims She's Leaving Former Adult Film Icon

In a since-deleted video, the former adult star's wife revealed they were splitting.

Jessi Lawless released a video earlier in April, seeming to end her marriage with former adult film icon Jenna Jameson. According to PEOPLE, Lawless and Jameson have been married for less than a year, with the 40-year-old giving a lengthy explanation for the decision.

"There are a lot of rumors going around that Jenna and I are getting a divorce. And I'm making this video to confirm that," Lawless said in the clip. "I told her at the beginning of our relationship that I was drawing a hard line and that drinking had led to so many problems in her life that I would not tolerate it at all under any circumstances."

While Lawless did call it a divorce, she noted that she filed for an annulment of her marriage with Jameson. She also detailed that she had evidence of Jameson's transgression.

"This is the first time she's been away from me. I've been keeping her on the straight and narrow," Lawless said in the video. "She goes to Chicago and she starts drinking. And then when I confronted her about it, she was definitely trying to lie about it until I told her that I had pictures."

Lawless admits she didn't actually have photos, while Jameson still confirmed that she had been drinking but allegedly blamed Lawless. "I don't know how it's my fault. Maybe I shouldn't have had such high expectations," she added. "I'm sure you'll see this, Jenna. I love you with all of my heart. And I really hope the best for you."

In a later update, Lawless explains why she deleted the initial video and still indicated that the relationship was up in the air. "I don't want her mental health impacted any more than it already has been. I love her. This is a very delicate time for us. We're both heartbroken and trying to find hope for the future," Lawless said. "She's told me she'd never drink again, and I can see at this point that she is in fact sober today and plans to remain that way. I just wanted her to be safe & healthy."

So they could still be on the road to their marriage ending, but it does sound like the couple talked a bit more after the video was released. Hopefully, they can both find a peaceful spot for understanding and live on.