'Good Morning America': Robin Roberts Reportedly Questioned Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes on Affair

Insiders from Good Morning America continue to reveal to several media outlets how  T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach's romance was the "worst kept secret" at the network. According to a report from Page Six, longtime anchor Robin Roberts warned the couple that a workplace relationship was not a good idea.

Roberts reportedly warned Holmes and Robach about rumors of an affair before things went publicly, and long before the two allegedly left their respective spouses. Rumors of an affair between Holmes and Robach were swirling around the staff and network years before the pair was outed in an expose from Daily Mail. The speculation reportedly dates back to at least 2017. One insider said Roberts "pulled them both aside and said, 'Stop it.'" Another source confirmed Roberts asked them about it because she was also hearing the rumors, but when confronted by Holmes, he denied it at the time.

Sources from Holmes and Robach's sides allege they didn't begin dating until about Sept., a month after they both separated from their spouses. Both married in 2010: Holmes to attorney Marilee Fiebig, and Robach to Melrose Place alum Andrew Shue. Separate reports note that Shue and Robach put their New York City apartment on the market two weeks before the romance was leaked. Shue has since deleted all traces of Robach from his social media accounts, while Fiebig has made her Instagram account private.

Another source confirmed to Page Six that Holmes was concerned about the rumors, to the point where he even took the issue to higher-ups at the point in which Roberts confronted him. "He was a correspondent at the time, and he didn't want Robin thinking that about him. He went to [ABC brass] and got ahead of it to dismiss it because it wasn't true," they said.

A fourth source claims that Holmes took it a step further by going to former executive producer Michael Corn, because "it was absolutely not true, and it freaked them out. Amy and T.J.'s friendship took a hit when the rumors started."