Watch: Carrie Underwood Talks About Exercising and Her Hubby Mike Fisher

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are an extremely fit couple, but do they work out together?

The answer is yes and no.

Underwood told E! News that although they don’t necessarily work out together-together, when they do it can be a little intense.

"We more work out in the same space together," the country singer said.

"We have shared workouts before because there's a lot of partner stuff you can do," she shared. "Like I'll have to do 50 push-ups and he'll have to run on the treadmill, at a good pace, until I'm done with my 50 push-ups. Or like, we've done this thing where he has to run a mile and the longer it takes him to run a mile, the more I'm holding a wall sit."

Even after all that exercise talk, Underwood couldn’t help but gush about her wonderful husband.


"My husband is as wonderful as he is hot, and I feel like that's rare," Underwood said about Fisher. "He's amazing. He's such a great dad and he's so supportive of what I do and I'm supportive of him and we just love our little family.

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