Sami Zayn Explains His Actions on SmackDown Live

If you thought the assist Sami Zayn gave to Kevin Owens at Hell In A Cell was a short-term thing, Tuesday night's edition of SmackDown proved you to be wrong.

Kevin Owens made his way out to the ring to discuss his victory over Shane McMahon in the main event of Sunday's PPV. He talked about what a brutal contest it was and went into a story about how he was near death when he was layed out on the table and Shane was on top of the cage. He spoke about being ready to enter heaven, cutting in line at the pearly gates, and being called to the front by St. Peter himself.

Kevin then said that St. Peter told him that we still needed him and so he sent a guardian angel. That angel was, of course, Sami Zayn.

Zayn came out to explain his actions, and Owens made him point out that he had no idea he was going to come to his aide at Hell In A Cell. Zayn then went back and took us through what brought him to this moment. He spoke about how he had done things the right way for several years, but he also said that it got him nowhere but "mediocrity." He talked about all the championships that his best friend Owens had won in the meantime, and then mockingly said, "But hey, I could sleep at night."

Zayn said he basically came to the realization that doing things the right way did nothing for him. However, he said some things in recent weeks really woke him up. He pointed to the powerbomb Owens gave him on the apron. He also talked about Shane McMahon, how he recruited him to join SmackDown and promised him big things, only to ignore him once he got there. He pointed to the moment a couple of weeks ago on SmackDown where he warned McMahon about Owens and Shane basically brushed him off and ignored him. Zayn said that was really a moment of realization for him.

Even so, Sami said that going into the main event on Sunday, he was still rooting for McMahon. He pointed out that Shane had Owens beat after Owens fell from the cell through the table. However, when Shane went up to the top of the cell after that, Sami noted that he knew McMahon had completely lost his mind and he had to do something about it. He said Owens has always been his brother, and seeing McMahon on the top of the cell made him realize Shane didn't care about him or Owens. Sami said it was evident McMahon only cared about ending Owens' career or worse. So Sami did what he had to do to save his brother because it was the right thing to do.

Zayn said that for the longest time he thought he despised Owens, but now he realizes that he just despised the fact that Kevin was right (in regards to doing things the "right way"). Sami then thanked him and the segment ended with the two embracing in a hug and complimenting each other on the microphone.

This was a really good segment. As Zayn took us all through the timeline of events, everything made sense and had a thread of reality sewn throughout. The best heel turns are when you can see that person's point of view, even if you don't like it, and the Zayn story certainly has that aspect.

We should be in for a great couple of months of television with this story, and what happens when Chris Jericho comes back? There are so many great directions this story can take. Bravo to all of those involved.