Randy Orton Has Hilarious Moment With Fan at WWE Live Event

As fun as attending RAW, SmackDown, WWE pay-per-views can be, some of wrestling's best entertainment comes at WWE live events. The untelevised shows provide a relaxed environment where WWE Superstars are allowed to interact with the fans on a more intimate level. This past Monday's show in East Lansing, Michigan was no exception to this principle.

In his match with Rusev, Randy Orton had a particularly fun interaction with a fan who was clamoring to be acknowledged by the Viper. Now, we don't know Randy, but he seems like a pretty reserved guy, so instead of greeting the fan with an equal enthusiasm, he simply passed back a vacant wave. Check it out:

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See, that steep price for the front row seats can actually be worth it! For those that have never attended, go check you a WWE house show. While they won't have the glitz, glamor, and ram of a televised event, it's wrestling at its purest. Not to mention, significantly cheaper.

However, just because the cameras are off and the environment is loose, that doesn't mean you, as a fan can act like an idiot. The same rules apply, so don't think you'll be awarded a WWE contract by hopping the guardrail and landing a perfect frog-splash on an unassuming WWE superstar. An NXT fan tried to be a part of the show last week and nearly got his head kicked in.

So go see a house show, but remember to be civil!