AJ Styles Has Bad News for Roman Reigns Haters

Hating on Roman Reigns has become a preferred pastime for many WWE fans. But AJ Styles think it's time to stop.

In an interview with CBS Sports In This Corner podcast, The Phenomenal One discussed his 2016 feud with Reigns. The duo had a pair of dynamite pay-per-view matches that left quite the impression on Styles.

“I look back at stepping-stones, and that was one of them wrestling Roman because he was definitely a big name here in WWE and still is," Styles explained. "I wanted to show that we could have a great match but little did I know how great Roman was — a lot better than most people think. He was outstanding," he claimed.

For Styles, Reigns is already exceptional, but the Big Dog has the tools to make him special in WWE.

“He’s a lot more athletic than people ever knew. He’s on another level, and I was glad to be in the ring with him to show everybody that he is and that this guy can hang with AJ Styles. To me, it was a great feud," concluded Styles.

Styles is joined the growing list of wrestlers, past and present, who have nothing but gushing things to say about Reigns. Clearly, they had a different perspective on the matter than most WWE fans.

Why is it that fans have this irrational disdain for the most successful wrestlers in WWE? Is it that they feel Reigns and Cena win too much or get too many opportunities? Well, so did The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan. The only difference is that those WWE legends didn't have so much exposure to the internet. One of the biggest killers of Reigns and Cena's currency with WWE's crowd is the incessant leaks and rumors regarding WWE plans for them.

This age of spoilers is doing just that. With the Internet's ability to vicariously read WWE's plans it takes the fun out of watching WWE live. Admittedly, it doesn't help when John Cena loses only 14 matches in a decade. However, like most great talents we won't properly appreciate them until they are far gone.



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