Why Does Ronda Rousey Love WWE So Much?

It's no secret that WWE and Ronda Rousey have been flirting all summer. All signs point to their budding romance getting serious as Rousey's arrival as a WWE Superstar may be a foregone conclusion. The question begs, why would a former UFC Champion want to leave the hyper-realistic world of MMA for the make-believe world of WWE?

Rousey joined ESPN earlier this week and addressed that question. What's so appealing about being involved with WWE?

“I think the suspension of disbelief is my favorite part. People take it for what it is and enjoy it because they love it. It’s a lot more simple joy than you’d get in a lot of other places," she said.

As the interview continued, Rousey gushed about her tour of WWE's Performance Center in Florida. According to Rousey, WWE's commitment to their athletes is unparalleled.

“They took us for our first little tour through the Performance Center. As someone who’s been in a couple Olympics and trained at the Olympic training centers, I really believe that the way the WWE Performance Center caters to their specific athletes is superior to the U.S. training center, for sure," she claimed. "With the facilities they have, the individual attention all the athletes have, and how everything is so close and made to be as convenient as possible, I couldn’t have been more impressed. It’s not a surprise that they’ve had so much success in cultivating their own talent," said Rousey.

It certainly feels that Rousey will be jumping from WWE fan to WWE employee shortly. Just last week, Rousey and her MMA pals got into a little skirmish with Charlotte, Bayley and Becky Lynch. It's believed that this will lead to a WWE vs. MMA super fight at Survivor Series. From there, WWE will be looking to launch Rousey as a singles competitor.

If this does indeed happen, the significance cannot be overstated. WWE thrives off of crossing that cultural lines that exist between competitive fighting and WWE. For some, Mike Tyson's cameo in WWE in 1998 was the watermark moment that signified that WWE would eventually sink their bitter rival WCW. While WWE doesn't have a comparable rival in 2017, a proper usage of Ronda Rousey could spell lucrative earnings for the wrestling conglomerate.

For a brief amount of time, Rousey will unlock several new demographics for WWE. This window of opportunity could make her a behemoth in the wrestling game or a quasi-publicity stunt. Like Mayweather/McGregor, you can pretend to not be interested, but when she steps in the ring you'll want to see it.

[H/T Wrestling Inc.]



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