Exclusive: Abby Anderson Recalls Early Importance of Piano Lessons


Exclusive: Abby Anderson Recalls Early Importance of Piano Lessons

Big Cass Names the One Subject He and Carmella Aren't Allowed to Discuss

Relationships can be hard. Relationships between WWE Superstars can be impossible. To make sure he and Carmella maintain a healthy romance, Big Cass says there's one topic that can't be broached when they finally have time together: Wrestling.

Big Cass joined the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast to discuss his life in WWE. His and Carmella's relationship became a natural point of conversation and Cass opened up about the details of their partnership.

"Oh yeah, we never see [each other]. We see each other one-and-a-half days a week! I think we're the only couple on [WWE] TV that isn't on the same brand if I'm correct. I'm almost 100% sure that that's the case. Yeah, so we're the only ones. It's tough. We see each other one-and-a-half days a week," he said. "We talk about everything but wrestling. We try not to talk about wrestling. It's just too much. Yeah, we try to stay as far away from it as possible."

WWE's schedule is notoriously demanding, with talent usually only getting Wednesdays and Thursdays off. The rest of the week complies of long travel, training and actually wrestling. As fun as it would be, the life of a WWE Superstar certainly is not a game.

Even further for Cass and Carmella, things are about to really pick up as she has been cast for Season 7 of Total Divas. The precious time they did have alone will likely not be shared with cameras. Muscle and Fitness Hers asked Ms. Money in the Bank if she worried about the challenges that may come along with the new access.

"It’s definitely not something I’m used to. Being a WWE superstar, I mean…there’s a difference between Carmella on Smackdown Live and Carmella in real life," she explained. "But, I mean I guess that is what you sign up for when doing a reality show.

Carmella seconded the point that she and Cass are on different WWE shows which adds another layer of difficulty when trying to maintain a "normal" relationship.

'So, you know, one of the struggles I’m facing this season is a real-life struggle, with my boyfriend Big Cass, who’s on Raw, and I’m on Smackdown. So, you know, we see each other one day a week if we’re lucky. Sometimes we have to go a few weeks without seeing each other, sometimes we’re traveling on different, separate tours, to different countries."

Carmella seems to have accepted the less than ideal circumstance for her and Cass' relationship:

"But, I mean, it is what it is, so there’s nothing we can do about it, we make do and we make the most of our time together that we do get. So again that is something that we struggle with, and I’m excited because I think you can kind of get to know us because we’ve been very private with our relationship, a lot of people don’t realize we’ve been together for almost four years. So, I’m excited for people to kind of get to know us and see, you know, what we’re all about."

We love the young couple's optimism here at Pop Culture. Maybe one day they'll be on the same show.

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