Chris Jericho Has the Perfect Movie Poster for Stephen King's 'It'

Last week, the remake of Stephen King's "It" took theaters by storm. The horror film smashed North American box office records for the month of September, earning a whopping $117.2 million in just its opening weekend.

However, amid all of the clown-driven hysteria, WWE icon Chris Jericho found the perfect opportunity to cross cultures. During his latest run in WWE, Jericho often warned his peers that they should be wary or else they would get the dreaded "...It!"

Well, It has arrived and Y2J had the perfect Instagram post to accompany the hit movie's success.

You're gonna watch....#It! #JerichoInventedEverything

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Jericho has a knack for timing and this is just the latest display of his nearly unmatched charisma.

No wrestler in the history of WWE has managed the second half of their career better than Jericho. Instead of working full-time schedules, Jericho will come back for months at a time. Upon each return, he's always equipped with a new look and new catchphrases. To put it short, Jericho is an expert in staying fresh.

After arguably his best run yet, could Jericho make another return? Y2J addressed the question explicitly on a recent appearance on The Other Guys Podcast.

"Will I be back? Maybe, possibly. If I never wrestled again it wouldn't bother me," Jericho said.

For Jericho, he's earned the right to pick his spot. But it's not a dream match with the Undertaker that will bring him back to WWE.

"I don't care about who is it I want to work with, for me, it's what's the story behind it because I've worked with everybody," Jericho said. "It's about what's the storyline that you can put behind these things to make people really care."

Jericho is playing coy, and why wouldn't he? In July, he shocked the WWE Universe by making a surprise appearance on an episode of SmackDown Live. While it proved to be a one-off, it still had fans screaming in glee.

There may not be a wrestler alive who knows how to manipulate a live audience quite like Jericho. Currently, Y2J is busy with his band, Fozzy, and podcast, Talk Is Jericho. However few would be willing to admit that Jericho is done with WWE for good. He may only have a few more matches left in him, but Y2J is a wrestling icon and a dramatic exit would be fitting for him and his character.

Until then, we can bet on him sitting at home crafting the perfect story for his final WWE send off.