Exclusive: 'Little Women: LA' Star Terra Jole Says She and Elena Gant 'Aren't out of the Dark'


Exclusive: 'Little Women: LA' Star Terra Jole Says She and Elena Gant 'Aren't out of the Dark'

Kevin Owens' Twitter Blackout and Promise to Fans

Kevin Owens seems to be in a bad place. Still mourning the recent surprise loss of his United States Championship belt to AJ Styles following last weekend's Madison Square Garden WWE Live Event, the former Universal Champ and "New Face of America" could really use a friend.

Look no further than his recent social media blackout for evidence.

Although he may have found a temporary ally in Rusev, with whom he teamed against Styles and John Cena in a tag match on last week's SmackDown Live. But this foreign-heel alliance with the returning Bulgarian Brute may prove to be as short-lived as his partnership with Samoa Joe as Triple H's authorit enforcers prior to his move from RAW to the SmackDown in the "superstar shake-up" this past Spring.

It's certainly nothing compared to the bond he shared with Chris Jericho. But with his former best friend turned arch-enemy on an extended hiatus from the WWE, with no clear sign of future return, the former New Face of America is an island of misery.

But that doesn't mean he's lost the fiery rhetoric of his recent foreign-heel gimmick promos, or the motivation of a family man doing whatever it takes "for his kids" and young fans across the WWE Universe (unless that means signing autographs)

Owens recently hit both topics in tweets demanding a rematch for his lost title, and making clear his opinion of AJ Styles.

That rematch was initially advertised to be on the card for the next Sunday's upcoming Battleground PPV on. However, following last Friday night's surprise title-change, the listing for the match was removed from the card for the PPV on the WWE's website around the same time as KO's twitter went black.

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Luckily for Owens, the match is back on. As fun as it was to see he and Styles engage with their elders Cena and Rusev, the lines are now drawn for Battleground, as the older rivals will go head to head in an old-fashioned flag match, leaving KO and AJ to determine who will reign as The New Face of America.

Regardless of the outcome, we can hopefully expect the winner to spend the rest of the Summer issuing weekly open challenges that bring more players into the US title picture.