WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash Shares Gnarly Picture of Post-Surgery Knee

Professional wrestling is notoriously hard on the human body. Unfortunately, the physical pitfalls of a long career can last a lifetime. WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash is no exception to this truth.

The 58-year old Nash just had significant knee surgery that took 24 staples to seal shut. As horrific as it looks to most of us, Nash sounds like he's relieved to finally be healing after dealing with complications for 33 years. He shared an all too graphic update on his Instagram.

Nash began his professional wrestling career in 1990 for WCW where he was assigned a slew of uninspiring characters ranging from a green wizard to a blackjack dealer. However, when he made the jump to WWE in 1993, he found almost immediate success. Paired with an up and coming Shawn Michaels, Nash took the ring name "Diesel" and quickly become a fixture in WWE's main event. Nash would become WWE Champion once before he and Scott Hall would jump back to WCW.

Upon returning Ted Turner's promotion in 1996, Nash alongside Hall and a heel Hulk Hogan revolutionized the industry by creating the New World Order. The nWo shot professional wrestling back into pop culture for the first time since the 80's and their lucrative success saw WCW supplant WWE as the world's most popular brand for nearly 2 years.


Nash would return to WWE twice more before being inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015. Here's to a speedy recovery for Big Sexy!